Friday, 15 May 2015

How to Lose Weight Fast? Effective 3 Week Diet and Rapid Weight Loss

How to lose weight fast? Per month wedding, for three weeks we have to fit in a dress for a party or look good in a bikini. We advise how to lose weight. What is needed is an effective 3 week diet, determination and discipline. Find out what diet will help you lose weight quickly.
How quickly lose weight, so that within 3 weeks to jump on size, and preferably two? You have to reach for drastic measures. Quickly lose weight you using sharp successful diet that does not belong to the healthiest. However, if the maximum shorten the exposure time to the regime of low calorie or restricted to one group product menu, you can protect against complications. Read our tutorial on what to do to lose weight quickly.

Extreme Solution
If you do not know how to lose weight quickly, one way is very low-calorie diet that is 1000 and fewer calories. If you choose this option method of rapid weight loss, it is best to reach for prepared by nutritionists mix - cocktails, soups, drinks and even oatmeal and candy bars. At low calorie provide many minerals and vitamins, which makes them safer than a low-calorie diet own composition. Is such a diet will lose weight quickly? This way feeding quickly forces the body of reach for inventory and provokes fast weight loss. Another way to quick weight loss diet can be a Cambridge or Diet Light. This is best done under the guidance of a dietitian, who will act if hard for us to endure a drastic diet.

How Quickly Lose Weight
Protein diet has many opponents. But one thing cannot be denied - in the first phase, which lasts 10-14 days we lose weight quickly - those who want to lose weight quickly, often choose it. Therefore, if someone wants to quickly lose weight, can benefit from the guidance of the French doctor. Diet principles are simple: no carbohydrates. For 3 weeks we forget about bread, pasta, potatoes, legumes and fruits and vegetables. Zero sweets or alcohol, or even fruit juice. The 3 week Diet job: eat lean meat - the best turkey and fish, but you can also eat lean veal, seafood and lean beef. Permitted are lean white cheeses and natural yoghurt as well as protein from eggs. Hot meals we eat steamed, grilled or baked. For this at least 1.5 liters of fluids, mainly water, but can also be bitter tea, coffee and herbal teas.

Copenhagen Diet
Copenhagen diet is also recommended for those who want to quickly lose weight. The feed is also lean meat, but here are allowed small amounts of vegetables and one fruit a day. Zero bread, pasta, sweets, and potatoes. During the Copenhagen diet are important meal times - up to eight breakfast, at 14.00 dinner and no later than 18.00 dinner. No snacking between meals, for a lot of drinking - water, unsweetened tea and coffee and herbal teas. It is reportedly succeeded in this way to shed 15 kg for 13 days, meaning you can quickly lose weight. Both the diet and diet Copenhagen it is good to take a vitamin-mineral preparation.

Cabbage Diet
A sure way to lose weight quickly is also the cabbage diet. Its base is cooked cabbage soup cabbage, 6 onions, 2 green peppers and 1 red or yellow, 6 tomatoes and bunch of celery. To this spice. Vegetables should crush, fry in a spoonful of oil, then toss into the pot add water (so that the greens were completely covered) and cook until tender. Cabbage soup diet is essential, but you can also eat light meals of rice paddy with vegetables steamed and raw vegetables plus one piece of fruit a day (as long as no banana). In the fifth and sixth day diet is also permitted lean meat, poultry and beef. Cabbage diet also works in a fast weight loss within 3 weeks.

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